Nathaniel, Kevin, Garrett, and Alex attended the 2012 Tokyo Joe's Tournament at the 
Salisbury, MA Tokyo Joe's Studio. Congratulations to them for doing an awesome job.
I would also like to thank Sensei Kendall Buhl and Sensei Joe Copello for an outstanding Tournament.

Christmas VIP Contest Winner
Tylor Szalajeski
We at Tokyo Joe's Studios
would like to thank all of our students for helping
us support the Milford Share.
 2009 Pumkin Festival

10/24/2014 - Parent's Night Out

10/29/2014 - Potluck Halloween Bash

10/31/2014 - Closed for Halloween Day

11/01/2014 - Under Black Belt Graduation Day

11/03/2014 - Buddy Week

11/08/2014 - Black Belt Ceremony

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