Nathaniel, Kevin, Garrett, and Alex attended the 2012 Tokyo Joe's Tournament at the 
Salisbury, MA Tokyo Joe's Studio. Congratulations to them for doing an awesome job.
I would also like to thank Sensei Kendall Buhl and Sensei Joe Copello for an outstanding Tournament.

Christmas VIP Contest Winner
Tylor Szalajeski
We at Tokyo Joe's Studios
would like to thank all of our students for helping
us support the Milford Share.
 2009 Pumkin Festival

Message of The Month

Great leaders come in different shapes and sizes and styles. Some a very loud and outgoing while others tend to be a bit more quiet and reserved. The one thing they all have in common is self-discipline. That is a driving force for this success is taking little steps at a time and leading by example. Leaders when they set their goals they're optimistic and eager to make things happen. Their attitude is example for others to follow. Someone like this is excited about life and eager to make even a bigger difference in the lives of the people that follow their lead. Set your goals lead by example with energy for excellence.


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